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At Wigmore Chiropractic Care we can help to treat and prevent reoccurring back and neck pains and discomfort. We can help to provide relief for a variety of different back or neck problems. All our treatments are personalised to your needs and can be beneficial if you are suffering from a number of different back and neck complaints.

We can help to relieve discomfort from:

Expert chiropractic treatments

 •  Lower back pain

 •  Back or neck pain

 •  Back problems

 •  Disc related problems

We offer a range of chiropractic treatments personalised to your needs. If you are in Gillingham, Medway, Chatham or surrounding Kent areas contact us today. Call us on 01634 268 750.

Helping to relieve back discomfort

If you are suffering from back or neck discomfort contact Wigmore Chiropractic Care in Gillingham today

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client with a slipped disk having their shoulder massaged man having his back massaged